TEFL Commute Board Game Night At IATEFL 2019

Monday April 1 2019 7 to 11.00 at Sugar and Dice board game cafe, Liverpool

We have booked an entire Board Game Cafe called Sugar and Dice. The idea here is to get a group of English teachers together to play a variety of new board and card games. Aside from being an evening of fun, you might also find ideas for your classes!

The café has an enormous collection and its friendly staff will be on hand to teach the games as well. You will be of course welcome to play any game from their collection that you wish. But if you’re new to board games, we will be selecting a series of games that are perfect for teachers, that involve talking, word play and laughter.

This event is NOT sponsored by a publisher or company, so it will cost money. But Sugar and Dice is offering a very good deal. The whole evening of board games, along with dinner and drinks (soft drinks) costs only £16/person (£14 if you pay in advance by Pay Pal, see below).

Come with a friend or two, or make new friends. There are a total of 35 places maximum in the café so sign up quickly!


To register, click here.