Season 8 Episode 3: Conversation


Inspired by James’ foray into publishing the team gather to discuss conversation. Lindsay and Shaun discuss what makes a good conversation and talk all things conversation class. Are they a boon or a bane? While James joins the podcast to throw in some unusual conversation starters.

Here are the 10 questions from James’s book that you can use in a simple conversation activity, as he mentions in the end of pod:

99) What is your morning routine?
135) Has anyone ever stolen something from you?
167) Do you know your neighbours?
212) When you were young, did you have an imaginary friend?
327) Do you stay and watch the end credits in the cinema?
405) Which sport should added to the Olympics?
515) How good is your English?
619) Who was the last person to text you?
751) What do you most regret buying?
820) What is your favourite building?
952) If everyone on Earth apart from you froze for a year, what would you do?

To find out more about James’s book, click here to go to his website.


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