Season 7 Episode 4: Puzzles

In episode four Shaun and Lindsay talk puzzles. From crosswords to jigsaw reading we look at the types of puzzles we use in class and discuss the advantages of using them. Shaun takes the opportunity to puzzle Lindsay and we bring you a puzzle related timeline.

End of pod activity

As your commute is coming to an end, here’s an activity you can take into class. In the podcast we revealed that the word ladder puzzle was created by Lewis Carroll. A word ladder is where you have starting word and an ending word of equal length. Changing one letter at a time you have to move from the starting word to the ending word. So if we start with Cat and have to get to DOG we can go cat – cot – dot – dog thus our ladder would have two steps. While the internet is full of examples you could use with students, it is more fun (sorry Diana) for the students to create them for each other

Give the cat / dog example to your class and then put them in small groups. Tell them they are to create a word ladder puzzle for their class mates. Encourage them to work together to make a ladder using both you and dictionaries as resources. When each group has created at least one ladder, share the puzzles for each group to try.

This can be an ongoing project covering the whole year. After starting it in class students can make puzzles that are then displayed on the classroom walls, on the schools website or social media to bring them to a wider audience.