Season 7 Episode 1: Bad Students

We’re back for our 7th season and what better way to start a new season than with the positivity of bad students. In this episode Shaun and Lindsay discuss different types of ‘bad students’ and decide if they would call themselves bad students. Lindsay also decides to see what Shaun’s knowledge of bad students in film is like.



The article Shaun mentions from Times Higher Education.


Listen here:


End of pod activity

As your commute is coming to an end, here’s an activity you can take into class. Prepare a series of instructions for ‘bad behaviour’, for example:
Shouting out all the answers, getting up and walking around, looking out the window and not listening, clicking pens etc.

Give out the instruction slips to students. Tell them:

(1) they should not show this slip to anybody else
(2) they should follow the instruction on the slip when the class gets underway.

Tell the class you’re going to teach the lesson as normal but as you do so the class should try to notice any unusual behaviour on the part of other members of the class.

Stop after about 15 minutes and elicit what the ‘disruptive’ students were doing. Write these on the board.

Ask students what effect this behaviour had on the class. Things that they might notice are:
We couldn’t concentrate.
We couldn’t hear what was going on.
We didn’t get much work done.

Ask students to sum up the implications of the activity by writing ‘rules’:
We shouldn’t shout out.
We mustn’t click our pens all the time.

This activity is from the book Dealing with Difficulties by Lindsay Clandfield and Luke Prodromou, published by Delta Publishing.