Season 6 Episode 3: Teacher or Therapist

In this episode Lindsay is away so we can actually talk about teaching! Ceri and Shaun discuss the line between being a teacher and being your students’ therapist. They talk about some of the psychological aspects involved in teaching and ponder how qualified the average teacher is to deal with the area. This leads their discussion into that of teacher well being so Shaun has a chat with Sarah Mercer about that.

Here’s the end of pod: 

As your commute is coming to an end, here is an idea you can take into your class to
open your lesson. In the episode Shaun and Lindsay referred to groan inducing
question often used to open a post summer lesson ‘What did you do on your
summer holiday?”

The ESL library offers teachers a list of the possible discussion questions which act
a variant and might avoid the students rolling their eyes. So how about starting a
lesson by using one of these:

 What I DIDN’T DO this summer
 A unique person I met this summer
 My most memorable moment of the summer
 One thing I learned this summer
 The person I spent the most time with this summer
 The best meal I ate this summer
 A day that I wish didn’t happen this summer
 What I wish I had taken a picture of this summer
 Something educational I did this summer
 Something I bought this summer
 Something I made this summer
 The best word to describe this summer

And of course it doesn’t have to be just asked about the summer, you can replace
that with weekend, autumn or any other time frame.