Season 5 Episode 5: Clothes

After a small break, the TEFL commute returns to talk about clothes. Lindsay and Shaun discuss what teachers wear to work, dress codes and whether teachers should dress in particular way. Lindsay tries to educate Shaun in Northern American Vocabulary while Shaun gets revenge with some clothes related humour.


In the episode we discussed the following questions:

What do you usually wear to work?
Have you ever had a dress code?
Do you consciously wear different clothes for different kinds of classes? e.g. teaching business English does one wear more business clothes? What about YL?
Has a student ever made fun of your clothes? Do you remember past teachers and the clothes they wore?
Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

We referred to:


Lindsay’s vocab test used these words: 

  • N American vs British vocab.
  • Trousers vs pants
  • Pants vs underpants
  • Sweater vs jumper
  • vest vs undershirt
  • waistcoat vs vest
  • mac vs rain coat
  • trainers vs sneakers
  • nappy vs diaper
  • swimming costume vs bathing suit
Inappropriate English on T-shirts. Several websites devoted to this.


The Jokes we told were:
Why did the leopard wear a striped shirt?
(So she wouldn’t be spotted!)

Why don’t you wear a cardboard belt?
(That would be a waist of paper!)

What is the difference between a nicely-dressed man on a tricycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle?
(A tire!)

Why Did the golfer wear an extra pair of pants
In case he got a hole in one

What color socks do bears wear?
(They don’t wear socks, they have bear feet!)


End of Pod Activity. 

As your commute is coming to an end, here’s an activity you can take into class. Tell all the students to stand up. Tell them to sit down if they are wearing the things that you say. Begin reading out the following items:

striped socks, a belt, a brown shirt, a shirt with pockets, a jacket with a zip, a t-shirt with a logo, high heels, trainers, a piece of clothing with an English logo on it.
The last person or people to sit down are the winners. You can of course customise the list of clothes words with your own ideas.