Season 5 Episode 4: Film and video

On this episode we are joined by Ben Goldstein, the author of Working with Images, Language Learning with Digital Video co-authored Paul Driver and winner of ESU award.

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Chips With Everything, a TEFL classic!


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End of Pod Activity:


A voxpop is the opinion of a person usually recorded on audio or video used in broadcasting. We can create them as a way of further practising language. Draw up a list of questions that the students could talk about. Questions beginning with what, why and how work best. For example Why do you like learning English? What is the best thing about your town / city? Go into class, put the students into small groups and give them the questions. Ask them to speak together answering the questions. They should try and give their answer for a minute. This acts as rehearsal time. When the students are confident, ask them to take out their mobile phones and record each other answering one of the questions.


Regroup the students and ask the new groups to play their recordings. The students should watch and decides if they agree or disagree with the opinions in the recording. If you have permission you could collect the recordings and put them on the school’s website or media channel. You could also repeat the activity later in the course so that the students can compare their recording and see how much they have improved.