Season 5: Episode 2 Games part 1


The webpage Shaun refers to about ‘What is a game?’ 

Naomi Epstein’s blog post 

The Games we talk about in the first half of the episode 

Running Dictation 

Back to board / Hot Seat

Kim’s game



I went to the supermarket 

Super teacher tools templates 


The real games we mention:





Pass the bomb 

Code names 

Cards against humanity 

Apple to apples



End of pod activity

As your commute is coming to an end, here is an idea you can try out in your classroom. The aim of this activity is for the students to make a revision board game.  This idea requires some large sheets of paper and coloured pens so make sure you have them at hand.  You will also need some gaming equipment such as counters and dice.

After putting the students into small groups, ask them to come up with at least 20 questions and answers to revise part of their course. This could be questions about topics in their coursebook, vocabulary related questions and so on. Students write these down.

Once the students have a come up with their questions, the next step is for them to design their game board. Give each group a piece of paper and the coloured pens and ask them to come up with a design for a board for their game – how many squares will be in the game? Will there be any traps? How does a person win?

Finally they should write down the rules of their game.  When each group is ready, swap games and let each group play the other groups games.