Season 4 episode 5 part 1: Music

Season 4 episode 5 part 1: Music:

In the first part of our look at the role of music and song in ELT, Lindsay and Shaun focus on music – that is to say tunes without lyrics. They talk about the role of classical music in suggestopedia and discuss how music can be used in the classroom. Along the way they make a confession or two about their past and enjoy a game of timeline.

Here are sone references on Suggestopedia:

More on the music used in the Suggestopedia concerts:

Clips from youtube 

The Mozart Effect 

Does music make you better language learner? 
Should schools replace school bells with music?
The discussion questions
The End of Pod Activity 

As your commute is coming to an end, here is an activity you can take into class.

Before your lesson choose some excerpts of music. Lyric free music works best. Choose excerpts that have contrasting styles. You are going to need about a minute from each excerpt. You need at least four excerpts.

Begin your lesson by asking the students to close their eyes (just to annoy Lindsay) and listen to the piece of music. When the except has finished, put the students into pairs and ask them to describe what images they saw in their minds when listening to the music. Then ask some of the students to tell the whole class.

Next ask the students to take a pen and paper. Tell them you are going to play some more music but this time they need to write a story inspired by the music. Play one minute of least three extracts, as the music plays the students should write their story, contrasting excerpts i.e. slow, fast should influence what happens in the story.

When the music has finished, give students time to polish their writing before they share it in small groups.

The clips from a suggestopedia lesson
(there are five parts)