Season 4: Episode 4: Classroom 101

Season 4: Episode 4: Classroom 101

Do you have a pet teaching peeve? Is there a language point that really gets your goat? Which activity are you tired of doing in the class? In this episode we once more set up the virtual round table and persuade producer James and Corner maker Ceri to sit down to get things off their chest with Lindsay and Shaun. Listen and find out which things in EFL annoy us most…..



Some of the peeves we talked about and links to find out more:

  1. Inversion 
  2. Reported Speech
  3. Youse
  4. Present Perfect with results in the present 
  5. Guided Visualisation 
  6. Find someone who
  7. Dominoes 
  8. Learning outcomes / Can do & CEFR
  9. 21st century skills 
  10. Edtech acronyms

End of Pod Activity 

As your commute is coming to an end, here is how you play your own version of 101 game. The game is a useful as a speaking exercise with students giving a spoken argument for why they dislike their thing and then students asking and answering follow up questions.

Before the lesson think of categories for the students to discuss. Remember it is people talking about what they most dislike so you might want to choose categories that are easy to talk about i.e. food, hobbies and so on.

In class explain the concept of the game, illustrating with your own examples. Put the categories on the board and give the students time to prepare their argument for each.

When everyone is ready put the students into small groups and let them discuss their choices. If you want to add a competitive element then each round can have a judge to decide which one choice from each category can be banished to room 101.

Youtube clips sampled

Room 101

Monty Python Intermission