Season 4 Episode 2: Substitute

Season 4 Episode 2: Substitute

In this episode we talk about substitute teaching, amongst the links we refer to are:


The End of pod activity:

As your commute is coming to an end, here are some ideas you can take into your substitute class. In the episode we talked about having dice in your substitute tool kit so these activities make use of that.

Walk into class and get the students to shout out vocabulary items they have covered in the last few lessons, write the words on the board as they shout them out. When you have 12 or more words on the board, stop and put the students into small groups. Give each group one of your dice. Tell them that they are going to revise the words. When it is each player’s turn they should roll their die.

If they roll a 1 or 2 they should describe the word to their teammates to guess. A 3 or 4 and they should draw the word 5 or 6 they should mime the word. Play until all the words are used.

Keeping the students in small groups, for the second activity the dice are used to practice questions. Assign a question word for to each number e.g. 1. Who 2. What 3. Why 4. Where 5. When 6. How. Students roll and have to make a question starting with the question word they roll. The group answers then the next student rolls and makes a new question.

Finally for a speaking activity give each number a topic e.g. 1. Last Holiday 2. Food I love and so on. Students roll the die to choose a topic and then have to speak on that topic for up to one minute.

The youtube clips we use snippets of are: