Season 3 Episode 8: Awards


This episode has a number of links about awards and reward systems on education.

The info graph that Shaun refers to is here.

The sources for our discussion were mainly:

Punished by Rewards?: A Conversation with Alfie Kohn

Here is a comprehensive list of classroom awards along with the rewards that Shaun asked Lindsay about.

Lindsay asked on Facebook about awards people had won. There were a lot of replies, we have collated some into this text.  You can use this text in class, it would be useful for the skim and scanning practice needed for many exams.


You can right click to download and save the pdf.

Finally the end of the pod activity:

Now that your commute is coming to an end, here is an idea you can take into class. In the episode Shaun mentioned a medal activity he did at the end of training courses. It is based on activity he found years ago in a photocopiable resource book, but he can’t remember who by.

Go into class with a piece of paper for each student and some sticky tape. Ask them to draw a large medal shape on the paper (or if you prefer, a star shape). When they’re ready they should get a peer to stick the paper to their backs.

Ask the students to stand up. Tell them they should go round each student and write a message for them on their medals. For example ‘Thanks for the homework help”; “You’re a great partner for parirwork”

Set a time limit and monitor as the students go round and do the activity. At the end the students remove the paper and they have a sheet full of positive comments from their peers that provides a fitting end to a course.