Season 3 Episode 6: Conferences

This episode is full of authentic listening that you could use with students.

At the beginning we ask people why they go to conferences, you could get students to listen and make notes, count the number of different reasons, listen for the most popular reason and so on.

At the end there are people giving advise for going to a conference, students can listen for the best piece of advise.

Apart from Lindsay and Shaun there are three stories of conference mishaps that could be used. Using all the content students could listen for advise on preparing for a conference talk and a list of dos and donts.

You could also direct or use the following two links which go along with what we talked about:

10 tips for a conference presentation. 

Asking good questions 

In the episode we refer to:

IATEFL online  – here you will find the recordings from a number of the sessions from the recent IATEFL conference (and an interview with Shaun)

Tyson’s conference calendar can be found here.

And finally the end of pod activity:

Now that your commute is coming to an end, here is an idea you can take into class. Ask students to make an invented business card. This must include a new name, a new profession and an invented email and phone number. Students then hold on to these business cards and have an impromptu “conference”, where they are all meeting each other for the first time. Of course, if you yourself have been to an ELT conference recently you might have a collection of other people’s business cards. Instead of students making their own, do the same activity but this time give students each a different business card of people you’ve met. Include other business cards you have around at home. During the classroom “conference” students must introduce themselves and make small talk with each other. Then report back to the class. Can they remember the right names and job titles?