Season 3 Episode 5: Versus

In this episode there are no links as such. The 6 areas that we talk about are as follows:
1 British English vs American English
2 Native speaker vs. Non Native Speaker
3 Fluency vs Accuracy
4 TTT versus STT
5 Dogme vs Coursebooks
6 Grammar vs Vocabulary (or grammar vs lexis)

If you want to explore then in more detail, we suggest simply googling the terms.

The end of pod activity:

As your commute is coming to an end, here is an activity you can take into class. Think of a “versus”, like the ones that Lindsay and Shaun mentioned at the beginning of the episode. Nominate a student and give them the two words as a choice. For example, Coke or Pepsi? Ask them to choose which they prefer and why. They answer and then think of another choice of two things, people or places. They nominate another student to answer. Students cannot repeat the same choices! Continue this way until all students have asked and answered.


The clip montage at the beginning of the episode was mixture of:

Batman versus Superman

And audio from the Rocky Movies.