Season 3 Episode 4: Voice

In this episode Ceri and Shaun talk Voice.

Here are the links for you to explore.

The mechanics of the voice rom wikipedia.

Don LaFontaine – the trailer voice man

Are woman’s voices easier to understand than men’s?  

Sites with warm ups and vocal exercises:


Extracts from Alan Maley’s Language Teachers voice on One stop English 

End of pod Activity:

As your commute is coming to an end, here’s another idea that you can use in class. We’ve already mentioned quite a few activities during the episode but here’s one of our favourites.

Ask your students to think of ten words that are shared in both English and their language, for example spaghetti or tennis. Alternatively you could dictate a list of your own. 

Ask them to look first at any changes in the spelling or form, for example in Spanish the Italian spaghetti becomes espaguetis.   Then ask them to say each word first in their language and then in English.  Let them work on this on their own before you confirm the English pronunciation.  

Highlight any changes in word stress, or changes in how consonants or vowels are pronounced.  Drill the international words with an English accent, exaggerating the differences.