Season 2 Episode 6: Gifts

In this episode we talk gifts. During our conversations we refer to the following pages:

  1. Why do students give teachers apples?
  2. 10 gifts that teachers don’t want 
  3. Best / worst Christmas gifts 
  4. Teacher gift etiquette 
  5. Why has buying presents for teachers got so competitive 
  6. Teachers’ days around the world 

Lindsay’s horrid / adorable / clever/ witty (delete as you feel) cheese slogans were from:

The Christmas Timeline was based on info from this site:

Your end of pod activity 

As your commute is coming to an end, here’s an idea you can take into class. For this activity you will need a cloth bag or (preferably) a stocking, and some objects. The following objects work well: a pen, a phone, a case for glasses, a whiteboard marker, lipstick, chewing gum, a credit card or bus card.
Seat the students in a circle and tell them they are going to guess what the mystery gift is. Without them seeing, put one of the objects into the stocking. Students pass it around and touch it, but they cannot say anything yet. When everyone has had a chance to touch the object, call on students to make guesses. Encourage them to use language for speculating, for example It might be… It must be… It can’t be…
Do this with the other objects you have. To make this more fun, you could bring one or two completely different objects (for example, from the kitchen or a child’s toy). Once all the gifts have been correctly guessed, students then discuss which ones would make good stocking stuffers, and for who.